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NEW Evacuation Preparedness Quick Start (45:26) If you’re new to Lake Wildwood or just need a refresher, this video has everything you need to get a running start and be prepared for an emergency evacuation. Learn why leaving early will help you avoid hazards and give you the best chance of survival. Learn how to use reliable resources to know when there’s danger and decide when “early” becomes “now”. Learn how you can prepare now to save time and avoid critical mistakes when it’s time to go.

How to Track Local Wildfires (15:38) During fire season it’s important to pay attention to the conditions around you. Is there a fire nearby? Where is it? Is it coming this way? How fast? This video demonstrates how to use reliable wildfire awareness resources to answer all these questions so you can be prepared to leave early if wildfire threatens our community.

Wildfire Awareness Resources(.pdf)

Maps and other visuals from the video(.pdf)

Clear and Present Danger at Lake Wildwood (6:36)
This video describes how longer fire seasons and other factors are increasing the chances that another firestorm will threaten us and our homes and cause us to evacuate.  It shows where fires have occurred in the past and the various zones of fire threat.  

How To Evacuate #1 -- Be Prepared and Leave Early (12:41)
Why is the Lake Wildwood evacuation situation so challenging that our evacuation strategy is to “leave early?” This video gives you the big picture of the steps that could save your life.

How To Evacuate #2 -- Escape Routes and Exits (8:18)
“Evacuation” means more than simply driving away. How will you decide which route to take during a stressful evacuation situation? This video gives you an overview of the steps that could make a big difference in your outcome.

How To Evacuate #3 -- When Should I Leave Early (20:02)
This features Retired Penn Valley Fire Chief and Public Safety Committee Chair Gene Vander Plaats talking about Lake Wildwood’s “Be Prepared and Leave Early” wildfire preparedness strategy from his own experience. Learn how to be situationally aware, detect signs of high fire danger using reliable resources, and make a decision about when it’s best for you to leave rather than waiting until there is an evacuation order.

Defend Your Home Against Wildfire (8:19)
This video describes simple steps you can take now to improve your home's chance of surviving.  There are more things to do beyond these simple steps, but they're a good start! This video also encourages you to watch a longer, excellent video by the National Fire Protection Association called Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire (13:19)

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Wildfire Awareness Resources During fire season it is important to pay attention to the conditions around you. This will help you be prepared to go if an evacuation order is issued or make the decision to go before an evacuation order. Here are some resources to help you monitor local conditions.

Watch Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire (13:19)