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The Bylaws authorize the Board to appoint Standing and Ad Hoc Committees to exercise selected functions and authority for The Lake Wildwood Association. The Standing Committees serve for an indefinite period of time at the pleasure of the Board. The Ad Hoc Committees serve for a limited period of time to perform a selected study or other function. The Committees are approved by a majority of the Board, and consist of at least three Members and a Board Director as a Liaison. The Members must be in good standing with the Association.

At the present time there are 15 Standing Committees. They are: 

  • Audit
  • Community Relations
  • Election
  • Environmental Management
  • Finance
  • Fire Wise
  • Golf
  • Lake
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Planning
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
  • Social
  • Tennis & Pickleball