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The main function of the Public Works Department is to preserve and improve the Association’s Infrastructure and Amenities by planning, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining the community in an efficient, economical, and courteous manner.
pw_adminAdministration Division The Administrative Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for planning, organizing, and supervising the Public Works staff in the maintenance of the buildings, streets, lake, dam, and certain other structures as well as the undeveloped green belt areas. The Administrative Division makes recommendations for budget purposes, administers contracts, supervises contractors within the department, and follows the directives of the General Manager.

LWA_The_Oaks_KM3Building Division The maintenance of all Association-owned structures falls within the jurisdiction of Building Maintenance. The personnel in this division must be proficient in carpentry, plumbing, painting and electrical, as well as structural design work. Although they are required to oversee the upkeep of both building structures and frequently, the appliances within them, the Building Maintenance Division is much more than a maintenance crew. They are a construction crew as well. Remodeling and structural additions, in fact, account for a large percentage of their workload.

This division is also responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Swimming Pool, which includes monitoring and maintaining the water quality. To ensure the health and safety of Pool users, our Building Superintendent is certified by the State of California as a Certified Pool & Spa Applicator.

LWWMay4-053Dam Safety & Compliance Division The Dam Safety & Compliance Division is governed by the California Department of Water Resources.

For more information: http://www.water.ca.gov/

2017coverLake Maintenance Division The Lake is one of our most attractive and appealing assets and this Division strives to keep it that way. Water quality is a major concern. In order to monitor the quality of the lake water, the crew takes water samples weekly, commencing in the early spring and continuing through early fall. These sample results are sent to a lake consultant for analysis. During the winter months, testing is less frequent and is done on a more “as-needed” basis in the case of severe storms and other events which might affect the condition of the lake. Control of nuisance plants and weeds is also an important factor in lake management. The Association contracts yearly with Clean Lakes, Inc., a company skilled in aquatic plant management, or simply put, weed control. 

During the warmer months, Clean Lakes routinely visits the Lake in order to monitor and evaluate the Lake and to apply safe pesticides for vegetation control. As a courtesy to the homeowners on the Lake, the Lake Division will pick up and dispose of lake debris from April to September (it is not year-round). Members may call the Public Works number at any time and request that a pick-up be scheduled. Debris will be picked up only on Fridays (holidays excluded). Please have the lake only debris on your DOCK Thursday evening for an early Friday morning pickup. Only lake debris will be picked up and it should be accessible from the member’s dock.

Some interesting facts about the Lake:

The Lake is 5,700 acre feet of storage water, has 7.5 miles of shoreline and is 1.7 miles long. When the Lake is full and the slide gates open full, the release rate is 285 cubic feet per second. The Dam is earth filled with clay core and is 75 feet high and 480 feet long. The horseshoe-shaped Spillway is 500 feet long.

street_maintenanceStreet Maintenance Division Streets represent one of the largest investments in Lake Wildwood. Recognizing the impact that such an investment has on the property owner's assessment, dedication is made to use good, sound long-range maintenance principles that will keep that investment secure. Effective maintenance practices greatly reduce the need for major reconstruction of streets, thereby realizing the most value for each dollar spent by this division. The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance of Association streets only, which includes sanding icy roads, erecting and maintaining street signs; parking areas and related drainage facilities within the common areas of the Association.
IMG_2362Fire Management OperationsFire Management Operations (FMO) was created to help reduce the wildfire risk within the Lake Wildwood Community. Their first project is Roadside Fire Safe Maintenance in accordance with Environmental Management Rule R-6.30.05. FMO will be moving through the Community completing Roadside Fire Safe Maintenance by removing excess vegetation by the roadways.