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If you have a question that you feel might be of general interest, please submit it via e-mail to info@lwwa.org 

Does Member Services offer Notary Services?
Yes. Please call Member Services (530) 432-1152 to make an appointment on either a Tuesday or Thursday. 

Does Member Services offer fax or photocopying Services?
Yes, on a limited basis. The cost per page to fax is $3 for the first page and $1 for additional pages; black and white photocopies are 10 cents per page; color copies are 25 cents per page.

Where is the closest market?
The Holiday Market is located across from the Main Gate, across Pleasant Valley Road. If you prefer larger markets, there are several large grocery stores and a natural food co-op in Grass Valley about 12 miles away.

What are the local utilities/services?
See our Local Business Directory under Our Area/ Local Business Directory.

Is there a fitness center in Lake Wildwood?
No, Lake Wildwood does not have a fitness center. We do however, offer exercise classes for a fee through our Recreation department. There is a gym located in the Wildwood Business Center across from the Main Gate, next to the Holiday Market center in the Wildwood Business Center.

Can you recommend house cleaners, yard workers or contractors?
Lake Wildwood Association does not endorse or recommend any individuals or businesses that you might hire.

Is there anywhere in Lake Wildwood that I can advertise my business?
It is against Association Rules to post commercial materials in Lake Wildwood, or distribute business materials of any kind to homes or mailboxes. The Wildwood Independent offers classified or display advertising, please call (530) 432-2614.