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If you have a question that you feel might be of general interest, please submit it via e-mail to info@lwwa.org 

Lake Wildwood is a gated community and enjoys 24/7 security presence.  What is the staffing level?
The minimum staffing is two gate officers (one at each gate) and one mobile patrol officer. Staffing is increased during holidays and as necessary throughout the year. The security boat is staffed on the weekends and holidays during the warm months.

Speed control within the Community?
The speed limit on all roads in Lake Wildwood is 25 MPH. Lake Wildwood has radar signs located throughout the community to assist our security with the issue of speeding. The signs collect data as vehicles pass. What does the data indicate regarding speeding in Lake Wildwood?

Summarizing the data captured by the signs from all locations used indicate approximately 60% of the vehicles travel 25 MPH or less, 37% of the vehicles are traveling 26 MPH to 30 MPH and 3% are traveling more than 30 MPH.

Fire remains the major natural threat we face in Lake Wildwood. Where can I learn what I can do to lessen the threat?
Lake Wildwood has a separate committee called the Fire Wise Committee whose members are constantly providing educational information and programs to assist each member in preventing fires from starting or, if they start, reducing the damage to property and the loss of lives. Click on their page on the website to learn more. Be Fire Wise.

Where can I learn about evacuation protocols including the evacuation map showing emergency exits?
The emergency evacuation protocols including a map of Lake Wildwood showing the main exits and the secondary exits is available along with the Evacuation Protocol Guidelines can be found on the website under Emergency Preparedness. When reviewing the exits, understand that the closest exit may not be the quickest way to exit Lake Wildwood. Be aware and familiar with all potential exits. First Responders will direct which exits are safe to use during a fire.