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The following are frequently asked questions. Click on a question of interest to see the answer.  

If you have a question that you feel might be of general interest, please submit it via e-mail to info@lwwa.org 

How do I register my boat?
If you are *a property owner in good standing, you can register your boat in Member Services. After the boat has passed the safety inspection and completed any required quarantine period, bring your boat DMV registration, your insurance information, and trailer registration to Member Services. Be prepared to pay the boat registration fee via cash or check and complete the current LWA boat contract. LWA has a quarantine period when a boat is brought into the Community; the length of the quarantine period will depend on the weather and time of year. Before buying a boat we recommend that you ensure it complies with the Lake Wildwood Rules and Regulations. Please see the Recreation section of our Governing Documents for an outline of the Quarantine Process and why it is necessary. For more information, please see the website Administration section, or visit the HOA. *Tenants are not allowed to register or use their own boat on the Lake.

I am a renter, can I use my boat on the lake? Or storage my boat within the Community?
No, only property owners in good standing can register their boats or use them on the Lake. Storage facilities within Lake Wildwood are for property owners only, with the exception of the Motorcycle Parking and Kayak Storage. A Tenant can rent Motorcycle and Kayak Storage, if space is available, with written permission from their Landlord.

Does my boat have to be quarantined if I take it out of Lake Wildwood and bring it back?
If your boat will be out of Lake Wildwood for a period of 12 hours or less, you can notify security and have it banded before you leave by stopping at one of the Security Gates – this way you can avoid a quarantine period upon the boat's return. If the boat is removed for longer than 12 hours, quarantine will be required upon your boats return. The length of the quarantine period depends on the weather and the time of year. Depending on the situation, you can also set up special arrangements with security in advance by emailing Pete Newell at: pete@stonegateprotection.com.

How do I get on the Wait List for Boat/RV Storage and Marina Space?
As of June 1, 2017, a deposit is required to be placed on the wait lists, which will apply to your storage fees once a space is assigned to you. These deposits are refundable should you move out of Lake Wildwood or your storage needs change before you get to the top of the wait list. Visit the Member Services to complete the wait list form and to make the wait list deposit payment.

How long are the waiting lists for storage spaces?
Wait times vary depending on which list you want to be on. Marina spaces are the slowest movers. On average 1-2 Marina spaces become available to rent per year, and the Marina (especially the Pontoon list) has the longest wait list. Meadow Park Dry Dock Boat Storage wait list average wait time is one (1) year. The RV Campground storage spaces have the most availability with turnover of 5-7 per year.

What is the procedure for bringing a power boat into Lake Wildwood?
All boats must enter through the North Gate and be registered with the Lake Wildwood Member Services. Any brand new boat must be inspected by Security and cleared for safety issues and pass the quarantine period. All boats exiting Lake Wildwood need to stop at either gate and “check out” which will determine what criteria is required upon their return (i.e., banding, quarantine, etc.).

Are visitors/guests allowed to use their boats or fish on Lake Wildwood, and is there camping at Lake Wildwood?
Lake Wildwood is a Members-only lake. Only property owners with LWA registered boats are allowed to launch their boats on the lake; only guests of Members are allowed to fish at Lake Wildwood while accompanied by their Member-sponsor. There are no campsites at Lake Wildwood. The “Campground” is actually used for Lake Wildwood Members’ RV and boat storage.