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If you would like to visit Lake Wildwood, please note that we are a gated community so you will need to be accompanied by a Realtor. 

Realtors can also help find the perfect home for you in Lake Wildwood! Below is a list of local Realtors that show properties in Lake Wildwood.

 Nevada County
Association of Realtors

 Local Business

 LWA Resources for
Prospective Residents

Note to Realtors: If you are a Realtor or Broker that would like to show property in Lake Wildwood, you will need to have a valid Lake Wildwood Security Access ID card to enter the Community. To obtain one, please contact the Lake Wildwood Administration Office at (530) 432-1152 to be advised of the documentation needed to obtain access. Access cards are processed Monday through Friday from 1-5 p.m.

11255 Cottontail Way, Penn Valley, CA 95946 | P: (530) 432-1152 | F: (530) 432-2044
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