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Security FAQ

If I have an emergency, what do I do?
Call 911; then call Security (530) 432-1166 or (530) 432-2258. In the event of an emergency in the community (i.e., threat of fire) the Nevada County Sheriff Department will contact potentially effected Members via a reverse 911 phone call to all residents with a ‘land line’ or registered mobile phone number. Please visit for more information.

What does the Association do about Mountain Lions, Bears or other wildlife within the community?
We communicate with Nevada County Animal Control and/orthe California Department of Fish and Wildlife when there are sightings but we cannot legally take action to remove or destroy any animals. Sightings of mountain lions and bears are posted at the Gates and on our website under the Association tab, choose Departments, Security - the information is at the bottom of the page.

Can we shoot these deer or turkeys?
No. No one is allowed to shoot animals within the Association.

Can we feed the deer?
Feeding deer and other wild animals is unlawful, as well as unsafe. The Department of Fish & Wildlife Manual, Rule 251.3 Section 350, states that it is illegal to feed game mammals. Deer are food for the mountain lions. By feeding deer, people are attracting mountain lions into their own yard and creating an unsafe environment as well as an unhealthy situation for the deer.

Have the Security/Administrative Office functions at the Main Gate been moved?
Yes, Security Access has moved to the LWA Administration Office at The Oaks Clubhouse.

What are the Administration/Security Access Office hours? Is Administration open on the weekends? 
Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are closed for lunch from 12-1 p.m. We are not open on weekends. Access cards can be obtained in Administration Monday through Friday from 1-5 p.m.

Do all visitors need to be called in to Security?
Yes, with the exception of emergency personnel and the Utility Companies (i.e., PG&E, AT&T, Comcast, UPS, FedEx, etc.)

What is the procedure for obtaining permanent guest passes?
Guest passes can be obtained at the Administration office. Each lot is allowed a total of two (2) guest/non-resident family access passes. The Primary Lot Owner must authorize issue of the Guest Key Card(s) either in person or in writing and pay an annual fee (see Fee Schedule). The Key Card(s) are good for one year, until the property owner moves out, or revokes the pass. The Guest must be present to be photographed and will be asked to provide their current driver’s license.

What is the procedure for obtaining Contractor or Realtor access passes?
Passes may be obtained at the Administration office. The applicant must provide some form of a contractor’s license (FBS, business bank acct. etc.). Realtors must provide their Broker or Real Estate license number and provide current driver’s license and pay the annual fee (see Fee Schedule). Renewals may be done by mail. New passes must be done in person in order to be photographed. These cards renew on an annual basis and the fees are subject to increase. If the card is not renewed by the December 31 each year, the card will be inactivated.

What is the procedure when a Realtor wants to hold an Open House in Lake Wildwood?
The property owner must provide the gates with a list of any anticipated visitors. In the case of an Open House, when you advertise it make sure to let interested parties know that they must contact you prior to arriving in order to be allowed entry.

What is the procedure for bringing a power boat into Lake Wildwood?
All boats must enter through the North Gate for inspection for Quagga Mussels and cleared for safety issues. A required quarantine period maybe be required All boats exiting LWA need to stop at either gate and “check out” which will determine what criterion is required upon their return (i.e., banding, quarantine, etc.)

What happens when you are pulled over for a traffic violation?
Security will ask you to identify yourself. Depending on the nature of the observed behavior, and after the report is reviewed by the Security Director, you may receive a Notice of Violation in the mail characterizing the infraction. The mailed Violation letter will clearly illustrate whether it is a warning or a citation. Consideration to other infractions having occurred in the previous 2-year period will also be applied, if any.

What are the rules regarding loose dogs?
Dogs and similar pets shall be leashed at all time unless on the proper of the Owner in which case they shall be confined within the residence or within and outside fenced area. If a dog that is running loose is picked up by Security, the Owner will receive a violation and a fine. If a dog needs to be taken to an Animal Shelter, the Owner will receive an additional fine for this service.

What about the Goose Patrol Dogs?
The only dogs allowed in Association Parks are Goose Patrol Dogs. These dogs must be qualified and approved by The Goose Patrol Team Leaders and EMO. Any resident who thinks their dog can qualify may apply. Goose Patrol dogs must wear the identifying bandana when patrolling the Parks. Contact the Environmental Management Office (EMO) to be put on the waiting list. (530) 432-0633.

Is there a procedure for allowing entry to long term caregivers?
A resident may come to the Administration Office to fill out a Medical Service Access Agreement Form which allows medical caregivers unlimited access.

I have an RV – where can I park it? I have some friends coming in for the weekend, where can they park their RV, and, for how long?
RVs can be parked in driveways for up to 72 hours. If other arrangements are needed please call the Administration Office 432-1152.

What if a resident needs to park a large vehicle (i.e., Motor home, moving van) off site of their property?
You may request special permission either from the General Manager to park for a limited time in a designated area (i.e., back of Clubhouse Parking Lot, North Gate Tennis/Pickleball Lot if not in use.) If you desire to store your vehicle long-term, spaces may be available at the Campground storage area. Please check with the Administration office.

If I don’t want a decal for my car, is there something else I can do?
Key Cards are available after you register as an owner or tenant in the Administration Office; these can be swiped at the reader in the Member lanes at either Gate. Go to the Administration Office during regular business hours (M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and staff will take your picture and process your Key Card. Please note there is a limit of four (4) Key Card(s) and/or Decals available free per Lot. 

How and where do I get the decals for my car:
After you register as an owner or tenant in the Administration Office, decals for Members are processed at the Main and North Gates. Go to either gate, show the guard a current copy of your DMV registration and identification, and give them your Lake Wildwood ID#. If weather permits, Security will put the decal on your automobile. Please note: Decals cannot be applied to automobiles when it is raining or damp outside or if colder than 55 degrees (Fahrenheit).  There is a limit of four (4) Key Card(s) and/or Decal(s) available FREE per Lot. If your Lot has reached the limit, you will be asked to visit the Administration Office.

Who can have a decal on their car or a security access card?
Property owners and their authorized household members, tenants and their authorized household members. 

How do I call guests in the gate?
The guest entrance phone numbers are located on the back of your Security ID card. You will need to call the gate at (530) 432-1166 or (530) 432-2258, give them your Security ID# and the first and last name of the guest you wish to call in. You may call a guest in over the phone for a maximum of three (3) days. You may have a guest come in for a maximum of 14 days by stopping at the either gate and personally giving the guard your guest’s name.
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