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What are the LWA Speed Rule and Enforcement Process?
The speed limit everywhere in the community is 25 MPH. This is a legally binding limit and if the CHP caught you speeding you could receive a formal court citation. Security operates under the Association Rules (Security Rule R-10.30.40) and enforces the speed limit as a Rule violation. Many of us refer to security enforcement as “citations” but they are not court actions, they are in house Rule violations. We use modern radar units that are fully certified and calibrated daily. Our patrol officers are trained in all parts of the enforcement process and we have very high confidence in the accuracy of our work. If a person is contacted by Security for speeding, they will not receive a “ticket” at that time. Instead the officer will write a report that is first reviewed and then forwarded to Member Services. A notice is then sent out by mail notifying the person of the violation. If the driver is a guest, the sponsoring resident also gets a notice, and if the resident is a tenant then the landlord also gets a notice. The notice allows the paying of a fine or an appearance before the Board of Director’s Executive Session Violations Hearing to protest the action. The fines are based on the speed and whether it is a first or additional offense. For a first offense the fine is a base fine of $25 plus an additional $5 for every mile per hour over 25 MPH. A violation for 35 MPH in the 25 MPH zone would be $75.00. A fine for 45 MPH would be $125.00. Second and third offenses go up dramatically.
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