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Public Works FAQ
What do we do with the fish when the Lake is lowered?
The fish swim to a deeper part of the Lake that does not totally drain.

Do we "shoot" or "put down" injured animals? 
No, we do not shoot animals. Our local Sheriff's office will come out if an animal is badly injured.

Who should residents call if they see an injured animal? 
 Call the Nevada County Animal Control office if you see an injured animal (530) 273-2179.

Who should residents call if they have a dead animal on their property, or see one in Lake Wildwood? 
If you see a dead animal inside Lake Wildwood Gates, call the Public Works Department 432-1170, and one of our employees will pick up the animal as quickly as they can.

Is Public Works responsible for cleaning ALL culverts within Lake Wildwood? 
 Culverts under the driveway aprons are the responsibility of the home owners. Culverts under the streets are the responsibility of the Association, unless it is a private road or loop. On Private Roads and Loop, the culverts are the responsibility of the individual homeowners.

Do we do work on individual resident's property? Do we clean gutters and downspouts for residents? 
Unfortunately, we cannot do work for individual residents on their own property. Our staff is kept very busy handling the demands of the work needed to keep Lake Wildwood beautiful and cannot clean gutters and downspouts for residents.

Why can't a resident install a culvert pipe of any size on their property in the drainage easement? Why is there a size restriction?
Culvert pipe sizes are restricted because the rate or volume of water needs to be calculated by an engineer to maximize the volume of water that can flow thru a culvert during high events. It is required that home owners abide by the County standard of a 12 " culvert pipe under their driveways.

If a resident’s lot is configured in such a way, can they drive vehicles behind their house and park them there?
 Please see EMO as this question is answered on an individual basis.

Do residents need a building permit to install a sea wall?
Yes, the County requires a permit when building a Sea Wall. You would need a variance from the EMO office as well.

Do residents need a building permit for a dock? 
 No, a building permit is not required when building a dock, however, you need to call EMO to have an encroachment permit, and the dock must be less than 225 sq. ft.

What kinds of plants can residents plant here? 
Any type of plants, provided that they are not planted in the road right-of-way, which is 30 ft. from center line of the street. Moreover, there is a great list of fire resistant plants in the Emergency Preparedness and Fire Risk Reduction Section of the website.
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