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How the Point System Works?

How the Computer Assigns Points

Each player has points assigned depending on the tee time requested and the time assigned. If you request a time of 8:00 and are assigned a time during the 8:00 hour you are charged with 1.0 point. For each hour you miss your requested time, you deduct 0.1 of a point. If you requested an 8:00 tee time and get a tee time during the 9:00 hour, 0.1 point is subtracted and you would be charged 0.9 points. Points are only assigned when the draw is done.

Time Frame:
Points are accumulated during a running two-week period. The oldest day is dropped from the two-week period and the most recent day is added.

Points are no longer assessed for guests.

Walk On:
If you book a tee time after the draw is complete, no points will be charged.

Points of all the players in the group are totaled and then divided by the number of players. If your group has a low total, you will get a time closer to the requested time than a group with a higher number.

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