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How does the Tee Time System work?

Lake Wildwood Golf Course - Automated Tee Time System

The following is a set of definitions of terms and concepts used by the system:

Players may make tee time reservations by clicking on the link from the Golf Central homepage [Online Tee Time System] or by calling 264-4512 and following the prompts given by Lake Wildwood Golf Courses Automated Tee Time System. See below for the list of initial prompts.

Captains Number/Member Number
When making a reservation and other entries you will be asked to enter the captains number, your member number or that of another player. Your member number is a five (5) digit number comprised of the last four(4) digits of your home telephone number and one more digit, typically a 1" for a husband and a 2" for a wife. If you do not have or know your member number, call the Pro Shop and they will help you.

Lead Time
Requests may be made up to 30 days before the requested day of play. Any number of reservations may be so made.

The Draw
Six days before the requested day of play, the computer system will process the reservations which have been recorded for that day; this is referred to as The Draw. For example, the draw for Monday of the next week will occur on Tuesday of this week. Normally the draw will be executed at noon time each day. Immediately after the draw has occurred, an e-mail message will be sent to every player who has made the tee sheet, if they have an e-mail address recorded in the system.

Cancellations and Changes
One may cancel or change a reservation once the draw has occurred up until the day of play.

A booking is a tee time made after the draw has occurred and up to the day of play.

Priority Numbers
A priority number is assigned to each person/group at the time of the draw.

A Special Event Request
A Special Event is any of the four (4) club play days:

  • Mens 18 Hole play (Wednesdays)
  • Mens 9 Hole Shotgun (Tuesdays)
  • Ladies 18 Hole Shotgun (Thursdays)
  • Ladies 9 Hole Shotgun (Tuesdays)

An Open Request
An Open Request is any request that is not for a Special Event.

Course Status
Each morning about 6:00 a.m., a message is posted on the tee time system telling the course status: open or closed; green, red/white or red flag; frost delay, etc.. Players are encouraged to call 264-4512 to familiarize themselves with the days status.

In order to balance the availability of tee times between high and low frequency players, points are assessed in conjunction with tee time assignments. See the article The Point System for more information.

Frost Delays
Starting times may be delayed due to frost in the winter. If the delay is more than 1 hour, a shotgun format will be announced. On a normal day, players/groups with a tee time priority number from 1-34 will be assured of being in the shotgun. Those with priority numbers greater than 34 are encouraged to call the system after 8:30 a.m. on the day of play to see if they have made the shotgun due to cancellations.

  1. Call the Tee Time System (264-4512).
  2. Select Review Assigned Tee Times (Option #2).

A hole and position will be given if you have made the shotgun.

The Initial Welcome and Prompt Sequence

Welcome To Lake Wildwood Golf Courses Automated Tee Time System.

 (This will be followed by a recording giving the course status.) 

To make a request, press 1.

To review assigned tee times, press 2.

To cancel a request, press 3.

To edit a request, press 4.

To make a booking, press 5.

To cancel a booking, press 6.

To edit a booking, press 7.

To review club messages or name greetings, press 8.

To exit the system, press 9.

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