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How does the Jonas Tee Time System work?

How Do I Use Jonas?

Below are four help videos that will walk through each step.

Help Videos:

How to make a Tee Time Booking

How to make a lottery request Tee Time

Viewing and Editing a Booking

How to set up Buddy List and Groups

Important things you need to know:

  1. You can make requests up to 30 days in advance.
  2. Tee Sheets will be drawn 6 days out.
  3. Tee Time Bookings are available on any current Tee Sheet, even the "day of" sheet.
  4. Tee Times are drawn by a lottery process.
  5. Members must log into the Lake Wildwood Website to access Jonas Tee Time Bookings.
  6. WATCH the HELP videos and then follow the Online link to make a request.

Note on saving link to JTT as a favorite:

Access to the JTT is through the LWA website. A link to JTT can be saved as a web page favorite on most browsers for a short time but if the LWA website is closed or members get logged out due to non-activity, Members may not be able to log back into JTT, until they log back into the LWA Website. The LWA Website is the portal (pass-through), Members must to go through in order to connect to JTT. That connection is the authentication process for Membership access to JTT. Because of the level of security JTT provides to the Membership, only one member of a family can be logged into JTT on the same device at the same time.

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