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Do I need approval to have some work done on my house or property? Are there rules regarding construction, cutting down trees, etc.?
Before starting a home or yard improvement project, please remember to contact the Environmental Management Office for information on items that may require prior EMO approval. Anything that you do to the exterior of your house, i.e., painting, decks, cutting down trees, major construction, etc., needs to be approved by the EMO. This applies also to lakefront property owners who may be making repairs to, or possibly constructing, docks, boat lifts, seawalls, beaches, and their shoreline when the Lake is lowered. It is also important to remember that common backyard items such as pools, decks, patio covers, garden enclosures, fences, any type of screening including propane tank screens which require fire safe materials, any type of enclosure for trash bins, etc., landscape projects, paint colors, car covers, pergolas, fences, additions, etc., require the submission of an improvement modification request before work begins.. The EMO is not the only pair of eyes in the community. The Nevada County Code Enforcement is also checking on projects in Lake Wildwood, such as deck replacements, that may require county permits. Please contact the EMO prior to starting any project or improvement to the exterior of your home and property. We try to make it as simple as possible. In some cases, fees are associated with the improvement. (530) 432-0633.

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