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Are we allowed to burn in Lake Wildwood?
Per Rule R-6.30.20: 2. Fire Safety and Prevention: To assure a compliance with State and County Rules and Regulations as to fire satiety and prevention, the following regulations shall apply: A. The Association shall support and assist in the enforcement of the State and County Rules and Regulations as to permits for burning and clearance around structures. B. The possession and use of fireworks within the Association boundaries shall be prohibited. C. The General Manager shall establish such Departmental Procedures as shall be necessary to assure compliance with the provisions of this capitol rule. 3. Open Burning. A. No open burning shall be permitted from the starting date of the fire hazard season, as announced by the Environmental Management Office (generally around July 1), until the close of this season (generally mid/October). These dates shall be announced in an official Association publication or otherwise to the Owners by the EMO each year. B. Open burning during periods not in the fire hazard season shall be permitted in accordance with rules and regulations of the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District and the California Department of Forestry, except that there shall be a prohibition of burning of leaves, pine needles and grass clippings. The Owners shall be responsible for assuring that smoke from the open burning is kept to a minimum and does not become a nuisance to neighbors. C. The Association shall each year establish a program to collect and dispose of leaves, pine needles and grass clippings during the period outside the fire hazard season.

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