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How do I register my boat?
If you are *a property owner in good standing, you can register your boat in Member Services. After the boat has passed the safety inspection and completed any required quarantine period, bring your boat DMV registration, your insurance information, and trailer registration to Member Services. Be prepared to pay the boat registration fee via cash or check and complete the current LWA boat contract. LWA has a quarantine period when a boat is brought into the community; the length of the quarantine period will depend on the weather and time of year. Before buying a boat we recommend that you ensure it complies with the Lake Wildwood Rules and Regulations. Please see the Recreation section of our Rules for an outline of the Quarantine Process and why it is necessary. For more information, please see the website Administration section, or visit the Member Services. *Tenants are not allowed to register or use their own boat on the Lake.
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