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Why are there helicopters or planes circling overhead?

There are resources available to learn a lot on your own on these occasions.  If a lot of people call Lake Wildwood security for answers, they may be overwhelmed with calls.  Try some of these web sites and sources… Security will be trying to do the same to determine what is happening.  Do NOT call Lake Wildwood Security until you have attempted to learn more about the situation using these resources. 

Check Flightradar24, which shows air traffic in our area.  Here is a link to the specific quadrant for our area.,-121.17/12 Click on any moving aircraft.  It will show you if it is Cal Fire (Usually White and Red), or another type of air traffic. 

Whether it’s Cal Fire or not, the next step is, Happening now Yubanet is often attuned to new emergency events, or non-emergency things that seem like emergencies (like Helicopters doing line checks)  

If you are a Facebook user, try the Nevada County Incident Information, or Nevada County Happening now pages can be very informative.

If you do not find answers from these sources, try the local emergency radio station, KVMR 89.5fm. Often, an emergency will be announced on the local radio.

The Office of Emergency Services – OES- now has a Dashboard for emergency situations. There is a link to it on The Lake Wildwood Web site home page.  And a link here to bookmark.

If the emergency is close to Lake Wildwood, the Association has the ability to send e-blast emails.  

Be ready to receive information in all kinds of ways, including your phone.