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Does creating defensible space require any special skills, knowledge, or equipment?

A first step is always to have a Defensible Space Advisory Visit. Get an idea of what needs to be done. Unless a homeowner has experience or specialized training, tree removal or trimming that requires climbing is best left to professionals. However, removing limbs from the lower 10’ of some trees is relatively easy. Removing some flammable or hazardous shrubs such as junipers or oleanders can be hard work without the right tools and equipment. Consider professional assistance. A handy homeowner with the right tools might be able to remove a great deal of hazardous foliage from their property.  And, in Nevada County, there might be an opportunity to dispose of resultant green waste for free at special events! Watch this web site and e-blasts for news about this. Be aware of nesting birds, habitat plants and seasonal wildlife needs. Also, working around plants, everyone should be aware of potential dangers, including poison oak and rattlesnakes. 

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