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Assessments & Payment FAQ
How much are the dues (Assessment)? 
The Annual Assessment changes each fiscal year. The current year as well has a history can be found under the Association Documents / LWA Budget.

How are dues paid? 
Dues must be mailed to the payment processing center or paid online (for a fee) on the Lake Wildwood website. Information is available on the website under My Locker / Pay Online.

Can we pay our fees with credit cards? 
We no longer accept credit cards in the office. You have the option of paying with a credit card through a third-party company. Information is available on the website under My Locker / Pay Online. Please be advised additional fees from these third-party companies may apply.

What is my account balance?
We would be happy to look up your account balance. Stop by the Administration/Accounting office or call 432-1152.

Can I pay off the 'Clubhouse' Special Assessment in one lump sum? 
You can pay off your assessments at any time. You can obtain the payoff amount through the Administration Office.

What do my dues cover as far as Amenities? 
Maintaining everything you use and enjoy in this community (i.e., the roads, Parks, Beaches, Lake, Community Center, Clubhouse, and 24-hour Security, are included in your Annual Assessment (Dues). Additional Amenities are available for a fee. Fee schedules can be obtained in the Administration Office or on the website.

How long does the Annual $240 Special Assessment last? 
The Special Assessment for the Clubhouse started in fiscal year 2015-2016 and lasts 10 years total. Members had the option to pay in full ($1,500), $240/year for 10 years, or $20/month for 10 years.

Why is there interest on the Special Assessment? 
Because it is a loan and the funds are used to pay off the Association loan (which also has interest) on the Clubhouse. The interest is amortized monthly over the 10-year period much like a mortgage. The sooner the Special Assessment is paid on a Lot, the less interest will be paid by the Member. For example: If a member decides to wait the full 10 years, they will pay $900 in interest and $1500 in principle totaling $2400. If a Member was to pay off the full Special Assessment sometime during the 10 years they will pay only the interest up to the payment date which will make the total paid less than the $2400.

When are Assessment payments due – I thought it was due on the 15th? 
Assessment Payments are due on June 1, and if paying quarterly, Sept. 1, December 1, and March 1. The $20 monthly Special Clubhouse Assessments are due by the 1st day of every month. The Association offers a grace period of 15 days. On the 16th of the month a late fee will apply, as the payment is now considered over 15 days late, not one day late.

Can I pay a pro-rated Amenity fee if I sign up for it after the beginning of the year? 
If you have never used a particular amenity before, your annual fee can be prorated. After the first year you must pay for a full year regardless of when you sign up for it.

What does it mean to be in "good standing" ? 
Good standing is being current on all Assessments and not delinquent on any fees, fines, or payments.
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