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If I decide to rent out my property, what do I need to do?

You need to notify Member Services whenever there is a change to the occupants and provide as much information as possible regarding your tenants. As the owner of the property please remember: 

  • Member Services requires a copy of every lease for tenants. Paperwork processing and Security identification numbers for Security access will not be assigned until new lease is submitted to Member Services. All Tenants are required to visit the Member Services for a short orientation and obtain Security ID cards. 
  • Tenants who are moving out must come in Member Services to check out and fill out paperwork to receive their refundable deposit, assuming the Tenant has no outstanding/unpaid Security violations. Should there be outstanding fees due the deposit will be forfeited to pay said fees. 
  • As the owner of the property please remember that you are responsible for the tenant in all cases i.e., unpaid security violation fines, member complaints, etc. 
  • Please note that short-term rentals of less than 30 days are not allowed in Lake Wildwood. A Member to Member exception is available for property owners to rent from each other only. No advertising on the internet is allowed. More information is available in Association, including fees associated with these transactions.
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