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Ready Nevada County Dashboard

This dashboard is used to communicate current wildfire incidents and evacuations within Nevada County.

Provides a real-time view of current wildfire conditions so you are situationally aware

Dashboard map has live-feed data that is constantly maintained

Aggregates data from state, local, and federal sources

Mobile App friendly

Reference link to Dashboard and How To Utilize video


Banner Tool Bar Tabs

1.   Wildfire & Evacuation Incident tab provides current information on road closures, evacuation zones, recommended travel routes, and activated shelters

o   Immediate Evacuation Order:  immediate threat to life. Lawful order to leave now.

o   Evacuation Warning:  potential threat to life and property. Leave now if additional time is required with pets and livestock

o   Shelter-In-Place: Go indoors.  Shut and lock doors and windows. Prepare to self-sustain until further notice.

o   Click on red flame to learn type of fire, acres burned, percentage contained

o   Toolbar navigator to search for your address

o   Find instructions by clicking on arrow on middle left-side of page

2.   Live Fire Webcam three cameras that could potentially show Lake Wildwood.

3.   Current Weather with current temperature and wind direction.

4.   Air Quality Info to search by location with a forecast.

o   Nevada County Burn Day Status – check below the Banner Tool Bar

5.   Evacuation Route Pre-Planning tool for use prior to an evacuation order. Find instructions in upper left-hand corner.

6.   PG&E – PSPS tab to input your address for latest information.

7.   Nevada County Covid-19 for recent updates in Nevada County.

Reference Links:

How-To Guide on the Ready Nevada County Dashboard

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