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Neighbors Working Together

What Are Fire Wise Neighborhood Groups?
They are neighbors working together to improve their personal safety:

  • Learn about fire danger 
  • Find ways to be aware of dangerous conditions 
  • Know how to prepare for evacuation 
  • Identify alternate routes for safer evacuation

This is a short video with more information: Fire Wise Neighborhood Groups

How Do I join a Neighborhood Group?
Send an email to firewise@lwwa.org to find out if there is a group near you. If there is not one, it is very easy to start a new group.

How Do I Host a Neighborhood Group Meeting?
Your role would be to invite your neighbors and get them interested in being Fire Wise.  

  • Sample invitations are available. Usually invitations are delivered door to door or by email (if available).  
  • Some Groups are meeting outside (in LWA Parks or driveways) with social distancing. Most new groups are using “virtual meetings” on Zoom (or other platforms). Neighbors can join the meeting on their computer, iPad or cell phone.  
  • Virtual Group Meetings are the easiest and most practical.

How Do I Host a Virtual Group Meeting?
Subject matter experts are available to help you set up a meeting, and to attend your meeting to answer questions. Videos are used to help your neighbors understand how to be Fire Wise.  

Please email firewise@lwwa.org to get help and be on our list for real time updated information. 

What Happens in the First Virtual Meeting?
You host the meeting and welcome neighbors. They get to see who has joined the group. Participants see a video that cover the following topics: Fire danger and how to know about dangerous fire conditions, knowing when there is an evacuation order, and Forming “buddy groups” to work together in an emergency.

You will send these handouts to your neighbors (Reference Links):

Early Warning Information & How to Keep Informed: This handout includes links people can use to enroll in Code Red and establish ways they can know when fire conditions are dangerous. This is an important part of being prepared for fire danger. This includes information on how to sign up for Code Red.

Emergency Alert Buddy System: After the meeting, each attendee must find two to four “emergency alert buddies”. This is a critical part of making neighborhood groups effective. It ensures everyone knows about fire danger and when to evacuate. Signing up for Code Red and finding these buddies will be part of their “homework”. 

What Happens in the Second Virtual Meeting?
During the second virtual meeting you identify anyone who is having trouble finding “emergency alert buddies”.  This will help match them up as buddies.

Everyone views a video about evacuation. It includes how to create “go bags”, know evacuation routes, and how to choose alternate routes that lead to a safer evacuation. Our subject matter expert will discuss specific evacuation issues related to your group’s location.

You will send these handouts to your neighbors (Reference Links):

Go Bags: You can evacuate quickly if you have gathered in advance the things you want to take with you.

Evacuation Map: You can use this map to determine alternate routes you might use in an evacuation.

What About Future Meetings?
In future virtual meetings you may want to discuss:

  • Practicing an evacuation on alternate routes
  • Simple things you can do to make your home safer
  • Creating safer landscaping
  • Defensible space visits
  • Good plants, bad plants
  • Preparing your home
  • Generator safety
  • Fire insurance
  • The Nevada County booklet “Ready, Set, Go”
  • The Nevada County Dashboard
  • The video “Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire” (This is a 13 minute video that explains simple things you can do to make your home safer from fire.)

Subjects can be chosen based on the group member’s interests.

Can I Hold Face-to-face Meetings?
If you choose to hold a face-to-face meeting, the format of each meeting can be the same as the meetings discussed above. The handouts are the same. Videos can also be available if someone provides a computer and internet access if available to the location. On a case by case basis, subject matter experts may be available to attend your meeting. 

We can provide you with:

  • An invitation you can use for your meeting. 
  • Proposed agendas for your first and second meetings.
  • Links to handouts to be discussed in the meeting. 
  • Links to even more handouts to be sent by email. 
  • Ongoing new information that you can pass on to your members as it becomes available.
  • Subject matter experts are available to help you set up a meeting, and could possibly be able to attend your meeting to answer questions.

Please email firewise@lwwa.org to get help and be on our list for real time updated information. 

Reference Links:

Code Red
Evacuation Map
Fire Wise Neighborhood Groups Video
How to Survive a Wildfire Video
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