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Creating Defensible Space

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Defensible space is a term used to describe the careful selection, location and maintenance of vegetation and other combustible materials on the property. The purpose of defensible space is to:

1.Minimize the pathways of wildfire to burn directly to the home

2.Reduce radiant heat exposures to the home and structures

3.Reduce the potential for embers to ignite vegetation adjacent to the home

4.Provide a safe place for fire personnel to defend the home and allow for safe routes for evacuation. 

The priority is to start at the house and work outwards giving the greatest effort to eliminating combustible vegetation and other materials within five feet of the house and any attached decks.

Visit the California Fire Safe Council for a detailed discussion of the small easy steps that could make all the difference. 


Defensible Space Advisory Visits

There is a team of Lake Wildwood residents, working through the Fire Safe Council in Grass Valley, who conduct Defensible Space Advisory visits. These visits are strictly advisory. They walk through your property with you and give advice about your defensible space issues and possible improvements. Some aspects of home-hardening are addressed as well. They complete a form with a copy for you and one to the Fire Safe Council where they count hours and mileage toward grant funding. To sign up for a Defensible Space Advisory Visit (DSAV) or find out more about the program, go here:


If you wish to sign up for a DSAV, be sure to ask for it in the message/comment area of the form.

Defensible Space Advisory Visits are at your home, at your convenience. Visits usually take an hour or so. See Very Common Lake Wildwood Defensible Space Advisor Recommendations. 


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