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Be Fire Wise
Why Lake Wildwood is your best and safest Sierra Nevada Foothill Lake Community is no mystery. With all of today’s wildfires in California, Lake Wildwood has taken great efforts to make sure this community is safe and prepared for the dangers of wildfire. Being a certified FireWise community, Lake Wildwood has taken it steps further and works diligently on preventive action steps to reduce the risk of the spread of wildfire in our community. With our own exclusive fire fuel removal team that works daily addressing the buildup of fire fuels community-wide, to our very strong and effective Fire Wise working volunteers that bring education and prevention to the forefront of our daily lives. We have partnered with Cal Fire, the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County, Penn Valle Fire, and our local sheriffs to create an effective team plan to assist our community in the event of an emergency. Feel confident, that if you are looking for a special place to live in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, Lake Wildwood is your home.

The Be Fire Wise information has been prepared and compiled by the Fire Wise Committee. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to the Committee at firewise@lwwa.org. Please see left hand navigation.


This information, in writing or spoken, whether expressed or implied, is for Educational Purposes Only, and makes no warranties or claims of any kind, including but not limited to its completeness or accuracy. The person reading this or listening to a speaker is solely responsible for learning about and preparing for wildfires. 


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